Archer Hunter – Offline Action Adventure Game

The description of Archer Hunter Offline Action Adventure Game

Ready to crush your enemies, Archer Heroes?

  • I Am Archer is an addictive, action-packed adventure game where you slay hordes of enemies with a tremendous set of skills and weapons. Begin as a newbie archer, then build your skills and skills to become the Master.
  • Enemies are available many forms and sizes, from skeletons, golems, to slimes, goblins, ogres or werewolves with different attack patterns. Just kill all of them together with your projectiles and tactics.
  • Crawl through thousands of dungeons, fighting for treasures, items and valuable gears to upgrade your strength and become more powerful. Enjoy countless combinations of unique abilities to stay your archer alive.
  • Download i’m Archer now, and begin your journey!


  • The world is at stake. Evil forces are dominating and you’re the sole hope, a legendary archer with skills so great that it becomes a myth.
  • Now the destiny of the planet is in your hand, are you able to destroy all of them together with your bow and arrow, or succumb to permanent failure? It’s up to you.
  • Fight through each stage, destroy enemies, collect experience points to level up and learn new skills. able to face fresh monsters with different strategies and attack patterns.


  • The monsters become stronger, faster and more powerful, so are you. Raid the dungeon, collect weapons, armors, amulets and more gears. Equip yourself with the simplest items, upgrade to form them even stronger.
  • Master the art of moving, dodging, and shooting. Grab your bow and destroy everything that dares to remain on your way. Shooting has never been so fun.


  • You are not alone on this deadly journey.
  • There’re more heroes with various fighting styles and skills are able to join your forces. Recruit them, discover new abilities and save the planet together.


  • Addictive, action-packed game play
  • Tight and responsive control with only one finger
  • AFK Rewards: earn coins and items in your free time.
  • Stunning graphics, beautiful worlds and characters.
  • The endless combination of skills and gears.

Archer Hunter App Update

  • Add Chapter 11
  • Update Archer Pass content





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