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The description of Astracraft

  • The all new real-time sandbox & combat game is here! Build, modify, fight!
  • Welcome to the planet of Astracraft!
  • Unleash your creativity, build your ARMS, build your team, conquer the universe!
  • Battlebots, ships, race cars…The battle of creativity is limitless!

Game Features

  • Be creative! Be resourceful! Be battle ready! boast your creations!
    Use your imagination and build the right ARMS from your own blueprint. Mechas, fighters, racers…From the bottom to the sky, from looks to power. Animals, cartoons, even text…Break through your imagination!
  • No two builds are alike! Infinite combinations, infinite tech, infinite power!
    Hundreds of modules, themed pieces, tonnes of choices for you to create your required machine.
  • Sci-fi battles from melee to range, from heavens to earth!
    Holographic Decoy, smoke bombs, EMP Generator…devilish techs during a realistic physics engine, for you to experience an epic sci-fi battle! Use your weapons well; decoys, sneak attacks, diplomacy, airland battle. Strike where they least expect!
  • Keep upgrading! Assemble in game! More fight, more might!
    Collect modules and modify in game! Change your strategy, build the right weapon combos. A game of wit and bravery!
  • The strong bind together! Conquer the universe together with your friends!
    Invite your friends for a far better fight! you’ll share modules together with your teammates to utilize resources better.
  • Tonnes of limited game modes for your enjoyment!
    New and artistic game modes: a tug-o-war for space? A heated race? A game of wits? A show of force? Play and find out!

Game Mode

  • Create: Creative Mode. Use your imagination
  • Multiplayer Creation – Cooperative creative mode. Build and test your ARMS in peace
  • Solo Wonder – Max load, solo play. Assemble your very own creative wonder
  • Battle: Competitive Mode, boast your power level
  • Module Trial – Clear the Module Trial to unlock more game modes
  • Infinite Arena – Fast respawn and a mod-as-you-please battle royale
  • Rumble Mode – Explore, collect, loot. Modify and upgrade mid-match
  • Storm Mode – Elimination mode. Survive on a shrinking map.
  • King of Capitol Hill Mode – 3-player team competition. Fight for control of a neighborhood .

Astracraft Update

  • New season – White Promise begins. Enjoy cool Module Skins, huge amount of Star Coins and Sourcestones, season themed avatars, frames, audio clip packs, decals and more.
  • Challenge Mission: Complete challenge missions and grab yourself an opportunity to win Seasonal Solo Prize Pool which contains 150,000 Star Coins!
  • Season Achievements: Achievement Points are awarded upon reaching each achievement.





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