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  • Backstab HD APK is our next all android version support game which is now working just fine on All android versions including Android 9.0 pie.
  • Henry Blake is a main protagonist here and is a story of vengeance.
  • Henry Blake is a Royal Navy Officer but is backstabed by one among his close friend.
  • A story of vengeance and twist turns close to be unfold during this Backstab HD APK.
  • This game is especially action adventure gameplay based and is especially focused supported Assassins Creed PC Game. BackStab’s gameplay is combination of action gameplay including swordplay,horse riding and a few acrobat moves.
  • If you watch it closely you’ll see its all inspired by the Assassins Creed PC Game series. There are different mini games like cannon fires,action sequences where you’ve got to tap on right times,ship battles and lots of more. the sport is brief long but is unquestionably fun to play.

Backstab HD APK All Android Versions

  • Open world action game BackStab HD APK is a classic gem that folks who played in their early android phone stages will surely commit it to memory for years.
  • immediately Backstab APK now supports all latest android versions so you’ll easily play it on Full HD and 2k display phones. but it’s still worth playing for its rich gameplay,amazing story telling, huge open world settings and colorful graphics.
  • The sport is unquestionably is buggy but this classic gem isn’t to be missed.
  • Download this Offline Action Adventure game Backstab HD APK+DATA and luxuriate in an exciting ride and relive old classic games.
  • Next i will be able to upload more of the Classic Games like Tintin HD,splinter cell conviction HD etc etc. So subscribe together with your email ID so you’ll be notified whenever new game is posted here.





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