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The description of Critical Ops 

  • Critical Ops may be a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS designed exclusively for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success. Are you ready for the challenge?
  • Critical Ops may be a first-person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes.
  • Battle it out alongside your band of brothers or lead a private scoreboard. When duty calls, you want to answer! Will you fight as a member of Coalition or The Breach?
  • The outcome is decided by your skills and your strategy. Offering no in-app purchases that give competitive advantages, we guarantee a FAIR-TO-PLAY scene! Master a spread of weapons and improve your shooting skills by competing in intense PvP gameplay.
  • Competitive ranked games pit you against other similarly skilled operatives. While playing, you’ll learn new mechanics and gain knowledge, allowing you to evolve as a player.
  • Go SOCIAL! Build your dream team and invite your friends to hitch your clan. Host private matches and organize tournaments to win prizes. you’re strong by yourself but stronger as a team.
  • Critical Ops League expands the planet of esports onto mobile platforms. Join our VIBRANT ESPORT SCENE and gain a reputation for YOU and your team. Become legends!

The game currently features three challenging game modes:


  • Two teams, two goals! One team trying to plant and defend the bomb until detonation, the opposite one trying to defuse it. Dominate the battlefield!


  • Two opposing teams battle it call at a timed death match. Make each bullet count!


  • Two teams fight against one another , with individual players working their own way through all the weapons within the game. Gear Up!

Play the sport how you wish through our matchmaking:


  • Play all the available game modes in quick, match made games with operatives of comparable skill level.


  • Operatives compete for points and secure their rank through victory during a competitive matchmade adaptation of Defuse. Climb to the highest of the ladder!


  • The classic way of playing Critical Ops, join or host an area of any of the available game types, enable a password to host private rooms.

Regular updates improve game performance, unlock new game modes, features and skins to personalize the experience for you as a player. Critical Ops is and always are going to be a FREE-TO-PLAY game. Purchases are purely cosmetic.

Critical Ops Update

  • Map updates & fixes in several maps
  • New game modes!
  • Various technical updates & bug fixes
  • Fixed gyro setting toggle bug and corrected gyro sensitivity





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