Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos

The description of Dynasty Legends

  • 3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends: new version is coming! Fight for the glory of the guild now!
  • The war situation changes during this epic battlefield.
  • A more fierce guild war begins! Gather the facility of all heroes, and knowledge the thrilling battles by conquering cities and states.
  • The time for the Siege War has come! Start your legend with the strategy and fight for the glory of unifying the country!

Game Features

Intense Battle Mode

  • One Versus All! Smash your enemies like mowing grass on your mobile .
  • Fast battle pace, control your heroes to cast their unique skills.
  • Wipe out thousands of enemies with one hit!

Various Game Modes

  • Real-time Co-op and PVP, intense battles. Evade, block and counter attack.
  • Your enemies & allies are everywhere the planet . are you able to be the hero of all heroes?
  • Giant Boss fight. Hunt them down together with your outstanding control! nobody can hold you back even the demons!
  • 9V9 real-time PVP, fight alongside your friends and dominate stage .

Legendary Heroes

  • More than 50 heroes from ancient battlefields are expecting your command.
  • Every hero has their own thanks to fight, choose wisely!
  • Awakening mode, a breakthrough of the hero’s power!
  • Now Jiang Wei and his awakened form joins the battle.
  • Don’t miss this powerful officer!

Ultimate Game Experience

  • Designed for mobile phones. Smooth control, realistic hit reactions, stunning visual effects and top quality 3D graphics.
  • it’ll take you back to the important ancient battlefield.

Customize Freely

  • Exquisite costumes and lovely wings for each hero.
  • you are not only the strongest but also the good .

Contest of Champions

  • 3V3 cross-server team battle is open!
  • Build your strongest team and join the competition of Champions to battle with other teams.
  • The winner are going to be the leader of the campaign against Chiyou!

Mount Bloodline

  • Cultivate the mount via specific items and purify the mount bloodline to enhance the attributes greatly and alter the looks of mount freely. a real hero deserves the simplest mount!
  • Cloud Pegasus is coming to the present remake . By riding it, you’ll surely stand out among all heroes!

New Gameplay

  • Siege War, a replacement sort of guild war, will bring you to the traditional battlefield of the three kingdoms where heroes fight for the throne in endless war.
  • Occupy the town and fight for the guild glory!

New Cultivation System

  • With gorgeous appearance and powerful power, Rune can enhance the strength continuously and increase the attributes greatly.
  • Such an awesome system will assist the lords to form a breakthrough!

Dynasty Legends Update

Optimized Content

  • Optimized Fair Arena





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