FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards – APK Download

The description of FAU-G

  • High up on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group protects the nation’s pride and sovereignty. It’s a frightening task, for the foremost courageous: The Fearless and United Guards.
  • Join a special unit of FAU-G commandos on patrol in dangerous border territory.
  • Come face-to-face with India’s enemies as you engage with hostile invaders on Indian soil.
  • Fight for survival against the unforgiving terrain and therefore the implacable enemy.
  • Fill the shoes of a patriotic soldier and knowledge the bravery, brotherhood, and sacrifice of the lads guarding the country’s borders.
  • FAU-G may be a proudly made in India project from nCore Games that pays tribute to the heroes of our nation’s soldiers .
  • supported real-world scenarios, FAU-G brings to life the joys and adrenaline of a life spent guarding India’s borders.



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