FIFA Soccer – Android Apk Download

The description of FIFA Soccer

  • After FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, EA Sports developed a new Soccer game FIFA Mobile Soccer.
  • you’ll build and manage your soccer team and operate everything on the mobile because FIFA Mobile Soccer is specially designed for mobile.
  • In Attack Mode, challenge others. In Leagues, play with friends.
  • Meanwhile, get everyday latest content and check out a completely new approach to squad building.

Halloween special

  • If you furthermore may enjoy playing FIFA Mobile Soccer, excellent news is that the sport is now officially running its Scream Team Halloween program.
  • you’ll earn Trick and Treat Tokens when completing Scream Team Live Events, find Halloween-themed Players items, then complete Plans to unlock a special edition Master Elite Player item.
  • Just await the remake to return .


Quick, Fun and Accessible

  • Gameplay is totally re-imagined within the creative Attack Mode.
  • Quick, exciting, turn-based matches will have you ever playing only your team’s attacking chances for every half, before passing the sport to your opponent to try to to an equivalent .

Tell the Story of the Football World

  • If it happens within the world , you’re likely to experience it in FIFA Mobile.
  • Live Events deliver new and fresh content daily supported stories and matches happening round the globe.
  • Quick, fun mini-games reward you with themed Tokens to redeem for free of charge players and packs.

Join a Team, Conquer the planet

  • No one can win alone. Then join a team is important .
  • Join your friends’ team or people round the world. Compete for bragging rights in inter-league Championships, complete cooperative league achievements, or take your skills and play against other leagues round the world.
  • Climb the leaderboard and prove you’ll conquer the planet of football.

Your Ultimate Team Expands

  • A new approach to putting together your squad allows you to create a much bigger and deeper club, offers a simplified method to spice up your players and provides you a far better experience to manage who is on the pitch.
  • Stay tuned throughout the season to seek out unique and exciting ways to form your club better.

Unrivaled Authenticity

  • With quite 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17000 players, FIFA Mobile is that the most authentic football experience available on-the-go.
  • Play with all of your favorite stars and immerse yourself within the world of football!


1. is that the game offline?

  • The game needs internet connection maybe network fees apply.

2. Can Children Play the Game?

  • The game contains direct links to the web and social networking sites intended.
  • it’s suitable for an audience over 13. Parents got to notice this.

FIFA Soccer Update

  • Play as your favorite team for the primary time ever united Matchups
  • Dominate the simplest leagues within the world in all-new Seasons mode to place your Ultimate TeamTM on top
  • Face off for top spot on the leaderboards weekly in Division Rivals’ brand-new Weekend Tournament
  • More ways to show real football activity into in-game rewards plus unlock an exclusive 84 OVR João Félix item once you connect your adidas GMR to the new Season.



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