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The description of Forsaken World

  • Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is an open-world fantasy MMORPG of grand proportions.
  • Dive into a world of never-ending adventure where treasure and glory await the willing.
  • Raid a dragon’s lair, look for lost artifacts, or simply enjoy some fishing within the shade.
  • Your actions will influence the planet around you thru epic story events which will shape the longer term of Calindor.
  • Leave your mark and become a legend.


A Vibrant World

  • Immerse yourself within the breathtaking landscapes of Forsaken World.
  • fancy the skies to urge the simplest view of Calindor as you explore every inch of the land and uncover its many secrets.
  • Visit the hearty Dwarves for his or her finest spirits after an extended adventure or enjoys the enchanting melodies of the Elves to lift away your troubles.
  • Interact with other players and trade your goods and resources within the name of prosperity.

Large-Scale PvP

  • The invading Storm Legion, warring factions, and savage wildlife have turned the planet into a dangerous place, but not all threats are external.
  • Amidst the chaos, guilds fiercely clash with each other over land and resources.
  • Will you form alliances and uphold peace, or conquer within the name of eternal glory? Whatever you opt , you’re not alone!
  • Create or join a guild, build Guild Fortresses, and become a savior or a conqueror!

Play Your Way

  • Change your class at any time and specialize your character any way you see fit.
  • Mix-and-match abilities and skills to suit your combat style, and customize your appearance with cosmetics to bring out truth you.
  • No two players are an equivalent in Forsaken World.
  • Develop your own playstyle employing a big variety of customization options and test it against the best challenges.

Dynamic Gameplay

  • A new adventure begins whenever you log in.
  • Start your day with a stroll through the marketplace for some potions.
  • meet with some friends for an old fashion dungeon crawl, or work on some tradeskills at your leisure.
  • an easy outing for herbs may trigger a special event that results in an epic dragonslaying adventure.
  • regardless of what sort of player you’re , you will find your calling in Forsaken World.

Forsaken World Update

  • Added Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Indonesian



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