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The description of FPS CyberPunk Shooting Game

  • The event of this gun game happen within the distant future, in year 2077 when the cyber day has come and therefore the world map has been redrawn.
  • Humanity was destroyed and what’s left are only a couple of cyberpunk ops and scifi troopers.
  • Choose your side and become one among them! Anyone can compete in Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch modes!
  • Do you consider solving warzone crysis? Then this is often perfect FPS cyberpunk online multiplayer shooter only for you!


Team Deathmatch

  • When you finish this tutorial you’ll play in real PvP multiplayer arena shooter.

Capture the flag

  • Cyberpunk game in tactical multiplayer FPS shooter PvP arena, where the fashionable cyber war is prepared to start .
  • Your enemies will use their skills to trick you, be aware!

FPS classic Deathmatch

  • There are many respawnables shooting cyberpunk ops which you’ll prefer to shoot with.
  • If combat evolved there’s many shooting and great fun.


  • You fight for yourself on cyberpunk battlefield. The player with the very best score at the top of the round wins.

Weapons stage

  • A wide sort of guns are available, from assault and plasma to laser machineguns and tdm grenade launchers! all has its own unique properties and features including quad damage.

Most popular weapons

  • Shock Rifle also called ASMD is that the favorite in shooting gun games.
  • Bio Rifle may be a cod weapon appearing across the sport .
  • Primary fire will launch a series of small, green blobs which can stick with anything or explode on contact with another player.
  • Machinegun may be a starting weapon that shoots 10 rounds per second. it’s relatively accurrate but has some spread to its shots.
  • Rocket Launcher this is often one among the favored , given its splash capabilities and raw damage.
  • While missed shots could be weak, it’s still powerful enough for many shad people in shadowgun war games.



  • Excelent FPS in cyberpunk scifi 3D graphics including halo characters and map.


  • Leaderboards with detailed statistics.

Optimalization for weak devices

  • Optimized for devices with low technical characteristics.

Your enemy goes to satisfy your superhot gun at borderlands of halo!





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