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The description of Icarus M: Riders of Icarus

What’s New

New Costumes

  • [NEW] Halloween Costumes
  • [NEW] Elora Academy Costumes

Game Introduction

Battle of the Forces

  • Endless battles crammed with tension that begins on the increase of the Red Moon
  • Join Massive war battles on a grand scale and defeat world bosses!
  • Win battles to earn powerful rewards and become the strongest of all of them .

“Familiar” Battlefield Companion

  • Build a gorgeous Fellowship
  • A companion that grows along side the player, building a better bond than a pet!
  • Tame, mount and grow all monsters on the battlefield as your Familiar.

Skill Link System

  • Match the category skill link system with party members
  • Enjoy top quality , Console level action gameplay at the tip of your fingers!
  • Experience the unique attacking skills of various classes and feel the thrill in each strike.

Large-scale Air Combat

  • Experience battles within the vast skies beyond the bottom
  • Enjoy beautiful flight without the restrictions of space against the sky and sea!
  • Adventure the endless areas of Heaven and explore the vast world of Icarus M.

Game Specifications

Android minimum specification

  • Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 LTE (Mali-T760, Adreno 330)
  • Android 5.0
  • RAM 2GB

Android recommended specification

  • Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge (Mali-T880, Adreno 530)
  • Android 7.0

Permission Access Details

Required Permissions

  • [Storage Space] wont to save files necessary to run the sport on the mobile .

How to Revoke Permissions

  • Android 6.0 or higher: mobile settings> Applications > Select App > Permissions > prefer to allow or revoke access
  • Android 6.0 or lower: thanks to the character of the OS , it can’t be withdrawn, so permissions are often revoked by deleting the app.

Icarus M: Riders of Icarus Update

  • Unable to Resurrect in Scenario Dungeon Bug Fixed
  • Manage Island Decors Level Up Bug Fixed
  • Login server UI configuration method and category addition related
  • Improved UI default server designation for first user login screen
  • Game main screen time text improvement
  • Replacing the Widget Blueprint for Raid
  • Language Selection (TH, ID, EN)


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