Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival – APK Download

The description of Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival

  • Crawl through rad radiation, fight mutants within the wasteland and carve out a shelter within the fallout during this incremental Idle RPG! Use skills to prestige across Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival.
  • This is an Incremental Idle RPG game like you’ve never seen. Tap to upgrade to survive the rad end of times. Tap to capture idle creatures, fight mutant hordes and build armor to face up to the radioactive fallout.

Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival Features:

Incremental Survival

  • Idle & obtain scrap
  • Craft rad gear to face up to the fallout

Idle Action

  • Battle against Mutant Mobs
  • Use your Abilities Carefully: Survival is vital

Craft Gear

  •  Mine scrap to create rad armor for survival
    Collect items to craft new idle weapons
    Craft components for epic loot to survive the fallout
  • Master the Rad Apocalypse in Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival!

Idle Wasteland: RPG Survival App Update

  • v1.03 – Daily Tasks, Relics & Caches!
    Complete Tasks that reset everyday and earn Currencies, Items & Achievement Keys!
    Use Achievement Keys to open Caches for loot and an opportunity for 1 of 4 new Relics!
  • Every Main Achievement now gives an Achievement Key
  • Keys are retroactively awarded upon login
  • Removed an obsolete option toggle
  • Adjusted volume of some sound effects
  • Various improvements
  • Minor balancing changes






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