Legacy of Destiny II: Dark vs Light – Apk Download

The description of Legacy of Destiny II

New sequel is coming soon!

  • Vertical 3D open world MMORPG. New mode to play, one-hand operation.
  • Dark or Light? Choose your side and multiple secret identities.
  • Abundant boss hunting and PVP is allowed on all maps.
  • Customized fashion, cool mounts & wings.
  • Real & Romantic social experience. Wedding, trading system then on.

Game Features

Abundant Gameplay & Fierce PVP 

  • PvP is allowed on all maps. Unlimited PK within the grand open map and luxuriate in the thrill in massive PVP.
  • Defeat red-name raider player will have an opportunity to urge ultimate equpment. Seize your chance!
  • Cross-server PK system will allow you to chase for the highest position with players from different servers. Just show your power!
  • High drop rate of BOSS. Grab rich resources from fierce BOSS while you ought to lookout of assaults from other players.

Real & Romantic Social Experience

  • Sweet wedding. Easy to satisfy someone you’re keen on within the game.
  • Play together and join , hand in hand to the romantic wedding .
  • Special wedding fashion attair and powerful wedding rings.
  • Exclusive couple dungeon for you to explore!

free trade System

  • Earn profits everyday! within the trade market, you’ll sell all the things you don’t need or extra equipments you obtained from killing bosses or other quests.
  • None of your items or time shall be wasted.

Customized Looks: Cool Mounts & Wings

  • Flying mount, really cool and useful. Dozens of cool mounts including Phoenix, flying rocket Kuma bear then on. Accompany you to travel across the grand open world .
  • Abundant wings will cause you to stand out of the standard . Will you be the angel goddess and save the age of chaos ?
  • Customized fashion attires cause you to the style icon / celestials.

Rich Welfare & Resources

  • “Fair play” proceeds fast growing and level up with many resources needed for growth by doing daily quests, killing bosses and unlimited PK & events.
  • With the high rate investment plan, you’ll gain 88800 diamonds for free of charge easily!
  • Offline autoplay system helps you to upgrade and gain resources easily. 24h non-stop to be the highest player. Fast grow and level up!

Grand map, liberal to explore, enjoy unlimited fun!




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