Pasha Fencer – Android Apk Download

The description of Pasha Fencer

  • Pasha Fencer, the super popular vertical RPG that fifty million players everywhere the planet are playing.
  • A magical world of sword and magic, hurry up and adventure together with your brothers, fight side by side to defeat the evil boss and therefore the enemy.
  • Take up the sword and fight!

Get BIG REWARDS by pre-register:

  • Fashion-Martial Exploration
  • Tittle-A warrior Rises
  • Bubble-Lord’s Glory
  • Offline Grinding Card
  • XP Potion
  • B-Diamonds
  • Gold

Exclusive benefits for new players

  • Special for you! New Players can choose new exclusive fashions once they register; Plus exclusive pre-register fashion, people within the rivers and lakes, Mafia Style fashion; and other exclusive gifts.

Simple vertical operation

  • Breaking the normal two-handed limitation, the primary vertical RPG, original vertical screen operation UI, in order that you’ll enjoy the sport with only one hand.
  • Play anytime, anywhere.

Cross-server battlefield

  • Breakthrough server restrictions, enjoy PK with all players; Fight together with your brothers, defeat all enemies. Have fun, have victory.

Leagues and close Friends

  • Diverse League daily gameplay, rich League rewards, create legends; close friends gameplay, real social, real friend; Leave an unforgettable friendship within the game!

Gorgeous Fashion

  • Different sorts of exquisite fashions, cool and domineering mounts, cute pets, gorgeous wings, powerful and sharp weapons, match them with a singular outfit! Show your style!

Super Visual Enjoyment

  • Super picture quality, comprehensive upgrades, super-real 3D effects and exquisite details, super cool skills and computer graphics , offer you gorgeous visual enjoyment .

High off-Line income

  • Intelligent AI free for all, ultra-high offline income, easy to upgrade and obtain equipment.
  • Easy retrieval of kit and knowledge of daily tasks. you’ll never fall behind.



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