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The description of Star Wars

  • Fly iconic star fighters in [Star Wars: Star fighter Missions], the first Star Wars mobile flight shooter game where you’ll collect and upgrade over 80 iconic star fighters from the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Take star fighters you’ve earned in battle and customize them supported your play style and therefore the enemies you’re up against.
  • As you reside out your dream as a Star Wars pilot, flying into battles inspired by those seen within the films, strategically form squadrons of three star fighters and instantly swap them in and out of the warmth of battle to realize a plus in any situation and destroy the enemy.
  • Use powerful and unique skills to dominate the skies in fast-paced dogfights above the breathtaking vistas of your favorite Star Wars planets.
  • Earn new ships or powerful upgrades and customizations once you successfully complete missions.
  • Choose your side and seize victory.
  • Join the sunshine side and take command of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, or join the dark side to crush your enemy with Darth Vader’s TIE fighter.
  • Claim victory to accumulate special badges and earn your spot within the Hall of Fame.
  • Pick a side and scramble your star fighters!


  • Lead a squadron of three star fighters into the warmth of battle, instantly swapping them in and out, utilizing each unique ability to survive any situation the battle might throw at you.
  • Fight for the sunshine side or dark side in three different game modes that allow you to experience iconic Star Wars battles inspired by the Classic and Sequel Star Wars trilogies
  • Complete fast-paced battle stages to gather and upgrade over 80 iconic star fighters and their pilots, including Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, Luke Sky walkers X-wing, Darth Vader’s TIE fighter, Kylo Ren’s TIE silencer, and more.
  • Experience the unique characteristics of iconic Star Wars planets as you fly over breathtaking vistas or battle it call at orbit
  • Anyone can play through intuitive gameplay, join the guild together with your friends, and compete for higher ranks through the League Ranking System.

Required Permission

  • The sport requires these permissions for downloading additional data

Star Wars™: Star fighter Missions Update

  • Bug Fixed
  • Bug regarding [PLANETARY SUPPORT], [SCOUT], [GUILD] content
  • Some type error
  • Improvement
  • Increased maximum boost point.





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