War Eternal – Rise of Pharaohs Game for Android

The description of War Eternal

  • Experience our exclusive kingdom merger feature.
  • Conquer other kingdoms and merge them into your own empire!
  • Build your own empire or bow to others’ supremacy – it’s up to you.

Key Features

First-Ever True Kingdom War Conquest

  • Conquer neighboring Kingdoms with none restrictions. Once conquered, you’ll add their borders and population to your empire – the wealth and might of their kingdom is yours to command!

Play as Your Preferred Civilization

  • You begin your journey with a Civilization of your choice, featuring exclusive architecture, technology, and troops.
  • Each Civilization is completely unique, making them a special a part of the sport play.

Fresh New Strategy Game Feeling

  • Join players from round the world on the most important battlefield ever hosted within the history of strategy games.
  • Rally thousands of legions in one attack and see this mighty force destroy everything in its path.
  • You’ll feel your heart pound whenever your legions march to war.

Global Diplomacy

  • Build or topple an Empire using exclusive command and diplomacy systems designed to maximise your strategies through alliance, faction, and foreign relations.
  • You’ll even be ready to gather influence and power in other kingdoms!

May the simplest Strategy Win

  • There are thousands of hero combinations to select and choose between .
  • Even Goliath will fall in battle if you employ the proper combinations of heroes and skills.
  • Make powerful legions and you will crush your enemies.

War Eternal Update

  • Holiday event “Thanksgiving Harvest”
  • Tower defense event “The Celestial Fig Tree”
  • Black Friday store “Treasure Saloon”
  • New Heroes: Achilles and Demeter



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