World of Prandis – APK Download

The description of World of Prandis

  • World of Prandis
  • Real MMORPG : Non Auto Play!
  • Enjoy MMORPG with users everywhere the world!
  • It is recommended for these people.
  • If you dislike production type automatic game.
  • If you wish free games like PC MMORPG.
  • If you wish to leap within the game.
  • If you wish control to attack while moving
  • If you wish PVP
  • If you wish to review character and equipment settings
  • If you wish games that are updated for years
  • If you wish to explore while flying during a vast world

The Priest class has been added.

  • It is a divine priesthood blessed by God. Heal wounded soldiers and protect friendly soldiers.

Faith Stance

  • Equip a One-Handed Cross and water , and heal the unite God’s blessing.

Repentance Stance

  • Equip a Two-Handed Cross and kill the enemy with the facility of God.





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